4 Things You Need to Do in Mongolia

Nested in between the giantic countries China and Russia, there lies Mongolia People’s Republic. With only 3 million population but being the 18th largest country in the world which was ruled by the famous Gengis Khan, one could not help but to admire the vast grassland that the country offers. Previously, I have written a post on Your Travel Guide to Mongolia in 4 Days.

In this post, I will be covering on the 4 essential things that you got to try when in Mongolia.

Must- try #1: Ride a horse

In Mongolia, pratically everyone knows how to ride a horse. The people living in the capital of Ulaanbaatar or in the highland, children on the street, street vendors, restaurant owners, practically most of them had master the skills of riding horses. Even during my drive to the countryside, music and songs of horses were constantly played. It shows the tremendous devotion of the people love for horses. Thus, the best way to experience horse riding is to stay with a nomad family.


Must- try #2:Live with a nomad family

You would not have considered stepping on Mongolia without at least a night stay in the wild countryside. Experience the nomadic way of life which dates back to more than 3,000 years as they seek greener pastures for their livestock each time. In fact, I learnt that these families have a fix site for different seasons of the year. Neighbours help one another in looking after livestock, taking care of kids, setting up of what they called it as Ger for their home, etc.


So step into the life of the nomad family and you will likely fall in love with the true warm hospitality of the Mongolians as they share their daily life with you. Mongolians are one of the most fun loving people around and they make you feel at home immediately. After all, we travel to experience other people lifestyle and remember to always respect another culture and practice.

The toilet was one of the unforgetable experience for me in my travel life thus far. Staying with the local nomads, I had drank too much Mongolian beer from the ever welcoming host. I had to use the loo in the middle of a freezing night.  Toilet in wild Mongolia land mean just 3 metal sheets that provides you privacy and a hole dug deep into the ground. I was doing my business half way when the metal sheet on both sides just blown away due to the strong wind.


Must- try #3: Eat the Mongolian’s cuisine¬†

Mongolians usually serve their guests with the Yak milk. Yak milk is used to make cheese, soups and curds. Meat is a staple food in Mongolia food scene. If you are a mutton lover like me, I am sure Mongolia food will not disappoint you. Mutton and beef are the usually the meat consume. One should eat the Buuz, a dough dumpling filled with mutton or beef, a popular snack that is simply so delicious!



Must- try #4:Visit Chinggis Square

Chinggis Square, formally known as Grand Chinggis Khaan Square is the central square of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. You will be able to learn from the most respected man in Mongolia of his ideas, his courage to conquer the world. Soak into the atmopshere and take in the city sight. There is a big statue of Genghis Khan who is seated on a chair.





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