Why is There a Need to Work with Travel Blogger?

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Why is There a Need to Work with Travel Blogger?

In today highly wired and sophisticated world, getting information from the internet is simply so easy with a few scrolls on your mobile at anywhere and anytime of the day.  Content marketing is the key whereby one have to ensure content is relevant to the people of interest within the buying process chain.

When it comes to content marketing for travel related, inspiration is crucial and that is where travel blogs come into play. A good travel blog provides well detailed, value added concise research information for the readers. It inspires one to travel to a particular destination, to use a particular service provider such as flying with an airline, staying in a hotel, influencing people decision to try out a product.

The holiday research is often a complicated and confusing process for most travellers in planning for a trip. With the rise of foregoing travel agent, people nowadays plan their trip using DIY (Do-It-Yourself) method. Travel blogs are often see as a platform to connect travellers to the places and providing first hand information & experience. In short, a good travel blog would mean:  “Travel” + “Discover” + “Credibility”  


Working with a good travel blogger would be even more important to alleviate one travel product to the targeted market in a cost effective manner. Good bloggers are one who have experience themselves, who are curious about the world & beyond, who are thrilled to be writing and sharing stories in a truthful way.

The rise of independent travellers and social media power meant that blog posts adds value. The power to thrill, capture the imaginative of audience and further on motivate readers to use a particular service. Social media is not all about hard selling but to create the desire to travel and naturally lead to the consumption of travel services.

As people attention span is short and often scroll through a website on their mobile, it is even more critical to ensure there is quality visual content presence in a travel blog. The essence of a good travel blog would mean that even skipping some of the content, simply by looking at the pictures taken, there is a story behind it. The ability to connect, engage and having good visual content would translates a site likely to be 40 times better remembered.

In reaching out to the correct market, it is important to achieve the right balance of geographical segmentation, demographic segmentation, time based segmentation. A good blog would have readers coming back regularly looking for more information, hence giving readers a value they are seeking for.

Online content marketing plays an essential part in today era with the decreasing use of traditional media such as newspaper advertising. 60% of the people learnt of new places / destinations via the use of Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  In short, the travel journey begin from researching ideas and it involves a lot of decisions and thus requires expert advices. This is where it is even more important to work with a good travel blogger.

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Last but not least, sail away from the safe harbour; Explore, Travel, Discover the world!

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